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Founder’s Notes 


Music has existed as long as humanity has been around. It is related to language in many ways, but unique in its expression. Every human is born with the potential, not only to listen to, but to make music. It is one of our imperatives as adults to develop that potential in our children.

Musicality can develop to a certain degree on its own but a lot of work is required to bring it up to the standard of high school level language skills, for example. It takes parents, teachers and the impetus of the student to focus on the singular goal of guiding one child into the world of music. It comes to the teacher to orchestrate this endeavor and bring out the best of the child’s innate musical ability.

Quality piano lessons also give extra boosts to a child’s skill sets.  Along the way they will also develop more focus and attention, discipline, advanced visual-motor skills, a quick, accurate memory, enhance their creativity and ignite a burgeoning form of self-expression unlike any other.

I believe becoming a maker of music through the development of musicality and musical literacy is the right of every child who takes piano lessons and it is my imperative to ensure that this happens through a well planned, gradient method that is both kind and thorough.



Camille is instructor/owner of Allegro Piano Studios in Alameda, California, established in 1994.

She teaches students from 3 – 85+ years of age, at all skill levels.  She prepares students for ABRSM graded exams in Piano, Performance, and Music Theory.

She is the creator of the award winning Notebusters workshops and she has taught hundreds of students sightreading skills through her popular Sightreading Summer Intensive Program.

Camille began her personal piano training at age 5 and continued throughout her life. As an adult she had advanced studies in Piano Performance, Theory, and Composition from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

Camille has had extensive graduate studies, which include two Masters degrees in Psychology. She taught Learning and Memory, Experimental Psychology and other courses at the University of the Americas, Mexico City for many years. She had a private practice in psychotherapy, was a psychotherapist at North Star Hospital, Fairbanks, AK., and a school psychologist at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, Mexico City.

Ronnie Blumenthal has been teaching piano with Allegro Piano Studios for the past 16 years. She enjoys working with beginning and intermediate students, both youth and adults. She uses her degree in psychology to better connect with her students and help them excel. She is knowledgeable in theory and music for ABRSM students through level two. Before teaching piano, Ronnie worked in numerous educational facilities. She was an administrative director at an non-public special education facility for developmentally disabled as well as an organization that provided housing for young adults and adults with similar disabilities. More recently she worked at a graduate school of psychology helping students with their internships and their dissertations. Ronnie has a masters degree in psychology.


Zoe Lozeau de Guzman has always been passionate about music. She began her musical education quite young; playing piano and taking ABRSM exams throughout elementary and middle school. These early years were pivotal to Zoe's interest in music and allowed her to experiment and appreciate a gamut of music from around the world. Throughout high school, she played in her school’s jazz band and discovered her love for music composition and production, winning a local composition competition with a piece she composed in her senior year of high school. Currently, Zoe studies Piano Performance with a minor in Studio Art at New York University. She has had the privilege of working with Deirdre O’Donohue along with many other talented musicians. She aspires to one day work as a studio musician and produce music. When she is not practicing or studying, Zoe enjoys reading, playing video games, and going to museums and jazz clubs. She also enjoys drawing and painting and has generated a following on social media for art.


Daniel began his musical journey at age 7 with Eugene Belokon. Daniel also holds the distinct pleasure of being Ms. Camille’s first ever piano student. He played only one instrument until the age of 16, when he asked to learn Flamenco guitar. Daniel has been playing both instruments ever since. He has been teaching music in Alameda for over 10 years, and has 2 degrees in

Performing Arts from UC Berkeley.

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