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“Having known Camille Escudero and Allegro Piano Studios for nearly twenty years, I could extol her virtues and talents for quite a long time.   Camille is a humble gifted Master Teacher of piano.  I have enjoyed attending her bi-annual recitals. They are impressive. Her diverse students range in age from three to nearly one hundred years old.  The students’ performances reflect Camille’s compassionate ability to rigorously develop their piano skills as well as their composure while performing.  It is also notable that  added value lies in her knowledge of the vital role that piano playing has on brain development which leads to more grounding in their academic studies and in their becoming better contributing citizens.  Being in Allegro Piano Studios feels is like being in a music conservatory where good skills are cultivated.

Over the years I have had the honor and privilege of performing with Camille in our Seasonal Concerts.  She is a treasure in local and global communities.”

Khaleghl Quinn, PhD, Colleague, Composer and Concert Partner

“Camille Escudero has a passion for teaching piano, and a genuine desire to offer the best possible piano lessons. She is well educated in music and psychology, a talented pianist with vast experience teaching piano, and directs a highly respected San Francisco Bay Area studio which includes creating a multitude of workshops and overseeing many other teachers.  Ms. Escudero has recently created a brilliant new piano method which closes the gap between wanting to learn, and actual success at the keys. The little ones can finally have fun as they learn to play the piano!  I am indeed proud to be her colleague.”

Cynthia Bythell, Top 10 Piano Instructor, Berkeley CA., Master Vocal Trainer, Award winning professional Singer/Songwriter/Vocalist


"Camille started teaching me piano when I was 7 years old, and went on to teach me for 12 years. I'm now 28, and there is no way that I can thank her for the music education that she has given me. Playing the piano is the only lifelong skill that I now have, but learning music also taught me great discipline, planning, perseverance, and unerstanding. I did not realize until I got older, that simply playing the keys gave me so much more than what was limited to the pages of music before me. She is the best piano teacher in Alameda!"

Allison Dea-Kemp, PHR


"Camille is a great piano instructor. She sets very high standards for her students, and as a result many of her students achieve advanced levels of competency in both piano theory and performance."

Jillian Saxty


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